Should we buy Vostok Europe watches? Top 5 models

In the modern watch market, it is not easy to find a place in the sun. You need to be visible. Not like the others. And, of course, offer the highest quality. So that after the first acquaintance with the brand, the buyer could not refuse to buy. The Russian-Lithuanian brand Vostok Europe has managed to win the trust and interest of consumers in different parts of the world. The secret of such success is very simple: each collection of the company is a dedication to the legendary invention of the USSR. That is, regardless of the chosen model, you get a real collector’s watch. First there was the legend… Everyone has heard about the Soviet watch “Vostok”. These are chronometers that were completely produced at the Chistopol factory. Every detail of the mechanism was made here and models were also assembled on the spot. But with the collapse of the USSR, the development of watchmaking began to fade. And then the general director of chchz “Vostok” Vladislav Tsivilin decided to take a chance and create a completely new brand with a completely different style. Igor Zubovsky, a professional engineer from the Vilnius Research Institute of Radio Measuring Devices, joined him. Two specialists in their field decided to take a free niche in the market with a value of more than 100 euros. And in order to offer the consumer watches three times more expensive than the usual “East”, the partners bet on exclusivity, character and all the same high quality. Thus, the Vostok Europe brand was born with very clear plans for the future. No more red banners – only real successes of the USSR in mechanical engineering and aviation. Thanks to this creative approach, the world saw several unique collections dedicated to the most famous and important scientific inventions of the already defunct USSR. For the first time, the company presented its collections at the exhibition in Bezel in 2004. And since that time, the brand has been in demand all over the world. For its quality and original style, Vostok Europe watches have gained real popularity. Today, you can also buy such accessories in the online store Here you will find offers from different series with an official warranty from the manufacturer. And to help with the selection, we will tell you right now every legend that has become the basis of the best collections of the brand.

Customers Reviews:

Very beautiful. Excellent execution and delivery.

On the first day, they are difficult to find)

This model is the top of this brand and it is felt immediately. The watch is perfectly executed. There are no complaints about polishing. And in general, I can’t find fault yet. But the feeling of a very expensive product does not leave for a second. And I’ll add it right away. The watch is big. VERY LARGE. And heavy. Only for a large hand.

Very high quality watch. I did not regret for a second about the purchase.

The strap lasted about a little more than a year. Not something to worry about consumables.

I want to buy another model while in thought. Quality is not cheap.

Vostok Europe NH35A-5555235 MRIYA Automatic Watch Check price
Vostok-Europe VK64/592A560 Expedition North Pole-1 43mm Russian Black Leather Watch Check price
Vostok europe lunokhod 2 YM86-620A505 Mens Japanese-Quartz Watch Check price
Vostok-Europe – GAZ Limo World Timer Alarm Rosegold Dark Brown Leather Watch – YM26/5603255 Check price
Vostok Europe Anchar Dive Men’s Blue Gold Watch 6S21/510O586 Check price
Vostok-Europe Expedition”Radio Room” Automatic Watch – 2432/595D533 Check price

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