Top 5 best Vostok Europe soviet legacy watches

History of the Vostok Europe brand

Vostok Europe is a joint Russian-Lithuanian watch brand with an interesting history and concept. Collections of VE watches are named after the achievements of Soviet science and technology. The brand was first presented at the international exhibition baselworld in 2004. The leader of sales in that first collection was the men’s watch “K3 Submarine”, named after the first Soviet nuclear submarine. The rotating bezel on the watch visually resembles the hatch of a submarine.

The creators of the brand-Chistopol watch factory “Vostok” and the Lithuanian company Vilnius Koliz — signed a cooperation agreement in 2003. A year later, Vostok Europe started shipping watches to Germany, Greece, Poland and the United States. Soon VE watches became the winner of the competition in Germany, as the best in terms of “price-quality”. By 2007, the number of importing countries had increased to thirty.

During the development of VE watches, more than half a century of experience of the Vostok factory was used. Since the 60s of the XX century, commander’s watches have been produced here, which have become legendary due to their operational qualities. For the new brand, designer Alexander Zaitsev developed improved mechanisms with 24-hour counters and convenient “day-night” indicators. And the designer from Vylnyus Konstantin Markin enthusiastically took up work on the original modern style of Vostok Europe watches.

From the famous technical “prototypes” VE watches inherit not only the name, but also recognizable design features. For example, the women’s watch N1 is shaped like the first stage of the Soviet “Tsar rocket” N-1, which was intended to deliver astronauts to the Moon. In this model of watches, the Vostok factory for the first time implemented the “Dual Time” function (dualtime), with which you can track the time in two time zones.

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